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Smart Karton helped Retail Co simplify their packaging process so that they can now easily ship from any of their 4k+ stores

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Branded All Paper Pack


In order to compete with other online retailers, Retail Co recognized that it could use many of its national retail outlets as mini-distribution facilities. This would allow Retail Co to deliver product to their customers faster and more cost effectively.

However, they now had to transition their retail outlets and staff into packing and shipping experts. With the number of locations they needed to establish, expensive packaging equipment to create void fill cushioning would be cost prohibitive. Retail Co was also concerned about creating a great deal of non-sustainable packaging materials that their customer would have to handle post delivery.

Retail Co needed a packaging solution that was easy to train and use, while also simple and streamlined enough to take up minimal backroom space to fulfill daily online orders.


The Smart Karton All Paper Pack and a simple pistol grip tape dispenser was introduced to each ship from store location. The All Paper Pack ships flat and takes up little space, dramatically saving on freight costs and square footage needed in the store locations. Retail personnel quickly became comfortable packing and shipping orders with this easy to use solution that eliminated the need for void fill or machinery. The retail team quickly became packaging experts and are now able to fulfill online orders in record time.

Retail Co decided to not only brand the outside of the Smart Karton box, but also the white protective paper with their company logo.  This dual customization reinforces their brand and insures the integrity of the products being delivered to their customers.

Retail Co is also in the process of working with their Advertising and Marketing team to sell the advertising space of the printed white paper to their vendors to offset the cost of the packaging materials.

Key Results

  • 3 Million+ units shipped each year from retail store location across the US
  • 95%+ positive reviews from store associates in charge of packing the boxes
  • $230k+ in immediate savings by eliminating the need to buy 200 void fill machines
  • Minimal retail space required, with no retail store modifications needed for expansion

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