Sustainable packaging solutions without sacrificing functionality and savings


The All Paper Pack - sustainable, simple, & secure


Choose paper over plastic to achieve fully sustainable packaging

The All Paper Pack is How2Recycle certified and helps you meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing quality or functionality

Reduce Costs

Simplify your packaging so that you can save


Reduction in plastics

Up to 51%

Reduction in labor

Up to 40%

Reduction in material inventory

Up to 15%

Saved in overall costs

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secure shipping

Hold even the most fragile items in place with ease

Reduce your product damages with our patented protective liner that folds down to securely hold your items in place

Reinforce your brand

The WOW unboxing experience your brand deserves

Present your product beautifully with custom branding options without the need for your customer to search through messy void fill

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Ready to upgrade your packaging?


The Retention Pack - a sustainable alternative to foam inserts


Ready for a more sustainable solution?

High security pack FEATURES

The High Security Pack - the most secure option for your valuable shipments

Secure shipping

Ship your most valuable and sensitive products with peace of mind

The High Security Pack is your go-to solution for shipping with confidence, knowing that the contents will arrive safe and secure
Secure fit
Even if the package is compromised, contents are securely held in place with our protective lining
Tamper evidence
Know if the package has been opened with our unique lining system
Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free samples?
Yes we do! Just fill out this simple form and a member of our team will reach out to send you a sample product.
Do you offer an evaluation of my current packaging   process?
Yes, our customers commonly ask us to evaluate their packaging operations to recommend the best ways to streamline for optimal efficiency. We offer this service free of charge - just give us a call at (636) 724 - 8181 and we can schedule your free evaluation today! 
Do you offer any automated solutions?
We do! We offer the Smart Packer for the All Paper Pack that automates the packaging of the box. Just put the contents in the box and the Smart Packer will take it from there. 
What branding options do you offer?
The exterior and interior sides of the box as well as the protective paper can be branded with whatever logo or design you choose. Our design team will work with you to make sure your branding is represented correctly for the optimal unboxing experience for your customers.
How long does it typically take to implement Smart Karton into my current process?
Depending on your branding needs and scale of the request, we can have our Smart Karton process set up at your business in as little as 4-5 weeks. Reach out to our team for a timeline estimate based on your packaging needs.
Is it possible to do a product trial?
It is! We frequently offer trial periods for our new customers. Just reach out to us here to learn more about your options.