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Luxury Co

Luxury Co was able to reduce product damages and plastic in their shipping, leading to a more sustainable brand image, better product presentation, and savings on packaging

Sustainability, product damage, customer presentation, & labor
Branded All Paper Pack


Luxury Co had a bold ambition to eliminate plastic, reduce product damages, create a branded unboxing experience, and simplify their packaging processes in order to provide an improved customer experience and cut down on costs. 

Spurred by customer and societal pressure, Luxury Co’s leadership team set ambitious sustainability goals for the company to meet, one of which was dramatically decreasing plastic in their packaging. At the same time, Luxury Co had to reduce product damages, which were especially prevalent in their high-end, fragile glass product line. 

In addition to these requirements, it was important to Luxury Co that they worked to streamline their packaging process, which was very labor intensive, and provide a delightful unboxing experience for customers to best represent their brand.


The Smart Karton All Paper Pack was the perfect solution for Luxury Co with its 100% paper-based packaging, patented hold-in-place protective liner, branded box interior / exterior, and simplified packaging process. 

After a few packaging process consultations and branded box samples, Luxury Co was ready to roll out the All Paper Pack into their distribution centers and stores. Looking ahead, Luxury Co is planning to test a fully automated packing solution using the Smart Packer to further cut down on labor costs and resource needs.

Key Results

  • 100% reduction in plastic, with a direct affect on the carbon footprint of Luxury Co
  • 12% reduction in product breakages, leading to $1,000s in savings
  • 23% time savings in manual packing of orders as a result of the simplified solution
  • Unanimously positive customer feedback on new unboxing experience

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