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Cosmetic Co eliminated plastic in their packaging and created a delightful unboxing experience for their customers

Sustainability & unboxing experience
Branded All Paper Pack


Cosmetic Co had ambitious sustainability goals to eliminate plastic in their packaging across all of their brands. Since cosmetics can include fragile shipments, Cosmetic Co did not want to risk product damages by switching to paper and was looking for a packaging solution that can meet current damage metrics or improve on shipping security. 

Cosmetic Co also has a strong line of brands and the generic box and void fill that was used to package the products did not best represent the brand image. Cosmetic Co understands that the unboxing experience is a critical part of the relationship a customer has with a brand, so they were looking for a packaging solution that can better present their products and represent their brands.


The Smart Karton All Paper Pack was the perfect solution for Cosmetic Co’s unique packaging needs. The All Paper Pack enabled Cosmetic Co to transition to a 100% paper-based solution that eliminated the need for void fill, while ensuring the security of fragile shipments with its patented protective paper liner. 

The All Paper Pack was also able to best represent the various Cosmetic Co brands by including custom branding on the exterior and interior of the package. When customers open the box, they immediately see the brand logo on the protective liner cradling their ordered products at the top of the box. Customers have shared positive feedback about this new unboxing experience and it’s helped strengthen their loyalty to the brand.

Key Results

  • 100% reduction in plastic with the transition to an fully paper-based solution including the box, Water Activated Tape, Paper Label, and the All Paper Pack
  • Over 4 million boxes shipped annually using the All Paper Pack Solution
  • 25% decrease in product damages with the patented protective liner - a block and brace solution that does not shift during transport
  • 8% net savings from a simplified packaging solution that includes the elimination of void fill, a decrease in time to pack, right sizing of the box, and reduction in labor
  • Unanimously positive customer feedback on the new unboxing experience with the custom printed interior logo

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