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Smart Karton helped Automotive Co eliminate costly foam inserts for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution

Sustainability & packaging costs
Retention Pack


Automotive Co was struggling with product damages from the shipping of their fragile, unusually shaped parts (e.g., car headlights) to their dealerships. Expensive paint jobs were being damaged and irreparable parts were scrapped, leading to increased costs. 

The expensive foam-in-place inserts that Automotive Co was using were terrible for the environment, required chemicals to be located in distribution facilities, and were inadequate at keeping their fragile shipments safe. A new more sustainable and lower cost packaging solution was needed to decrease produce damages.


Smart Karton worked with Automotive Co to upgrade their packing process with the Retention Pack. The patented secure insert and simplistic design of the Retention Pack enabled Automotive Co to streamline their packaging process, eliminate foam inserts, and dramatically decrease labor costs and inventory; all without sacrificing the security of their most fragile car parts.

Key Results

  • 25% savings in labor / production costs with the simplified, secure solution
  • 12% reduction in warehouse inventory by eliminating void fill
  • 100% reduction in on-site chemicals needed for foam inserts

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