Smart Karton service. Very smart.

Each team member at Smart Karton is committed to efficiently and effectively serving you, whatever your packing and shipping needs. With the increasing demand on distribution centers to ship more products of different shapes and sizes, Smart Karton has developed the products, the processes, and the dedication to service that will quickly determine the proper solution and implement it in a timely and professional manner. Even in extreme ordering periods, our manufacturing teams have perfected a just-in-time delivery system that can completely support your needs.

Smart Savings

At Smart Karton we make it easy for you to see how we can improve on your overall shipping process. We have a step by step engineered process that we go though to deliver you the best possible solution with the most over all savings.

The chart below is an example of the areas that we consider and the possible savings that can be achieved over a year when switching to Smart Karton.

Smart Carton savings chart

*Even when the packaging costs more, Smart Karton still delivers over 15% in savings.