How it works

More than just a box, Smart Karton is a complete packaging system solution. After all factors within a distribution facility are considered, our experienced team of systems engineers will work directly with you to design and implement a cost-effective Smart Karton system. Whether it’s a manual operation, dealing with a few orders a day, or an automated one for thousands of daily orders, we’re always up to the challenge.

Smart Karton All Paper Pack

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Fragile Electronics Smart Karton

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Smart Karton Shrink Wrap Pack

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How We Work

No matter where you are and no matter what you need to pack and ship, Smart Karton is here to help. We can provide you with the same innovative solutions and same expert strategic and planning assistance – whether you’re just around the corner or around the world. Smart Karton is a proud member of the global economy and pleased to say we meet packing and shipping needs for customers in every corner of the globe.We hope to call you a customer soon wherever you are.

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