Solutions for demanding customers.

Each Smart Karton team collaborates to provide you with solutions that can really move your business forward. Packaging Solution Engineers, On- Site Technical Engineers, and System Design Engineers are just some of the hand-picked experts that can produce Custom Solutions for you. They have designed all types of packaging solutions- from the smallest items to the largest from jewelry to fishing rods, from cell phones to car bumpers.

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Smart Karton solutions are perfectly suited to the e-retailer. Whether you are shipping a few orders a day or tens of thousands and whether its books, fashion items, health food or even pharmaceuticals, Smart Karton solutions are the perfect product.

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Ship From Store

With the emerging omni-channel retail market Smart Karton has developed the Omni- PackTM. This product eliminates the need for any other packaging materials and is delivered as a complete shipping kit. Great for use in retail stores, offices and pack-and-ship stores. It’s simple, quick and easy to use. We also offer in store gift wrap packaging, fashion packaging and graphic packs, which are all quick and easy to use.

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The shipment of automotive products, such as headlights, side mirrors, trim, etc., can be very difficult as damage is a big problem. Many different types of packaging solutions have been used, however few are perfect. Most are expensive, use multiple components and take time. Smart Karton has solved this problem with a very simple, quick, easy to use but most of all very protective packaging solution.


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Fragile items such as wine glasses, plates, etc., pose a particularly difficult challenge for companies packing and shipping them. Smart Karton has simplified this process with a range of solution specially designed for such items.

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Electronics require a lot of special care when packing and shipping. All Smart Karton solutions have gone through stringent test procedures including ISTA and UPS internal testing.

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The following videos cover many other solutions such as cold packaging that eliminates EPS, fashion packs, adjustable length boxes, heavy items, etc. All have been engineered to suit the customer’s application and products.

We are continually developing and adding new solutions to the Smart Karton range. Sign up to our You Tube Channel to get notification of new videos.