Packaging solutons for omni-channel retail shipping

The omni-channel retail market has grown immensely in the last decade. The internet allows companies a large scope from which they can deliver their products. It’s not necessary for a particular brand or business to sell merchandise through a single niche. Though this kind of retail marketing brings a great amount of potential, it can be a challenge to devise a method to ship the varying shapes, sizes and weights of your different products. Establishing yourself as a prominent retailer will require expert practices and knowledge in a number of areas. Giving your shipping practices a boost will help tremendously. Luckily, there’s a smart and easy solution.

The Smart Karton Omni-Pack(TM) is the ultimate solution to omni-channel retail shipping needs. It’s a simple idea with a big payoff. The Omni-Pack(TM) is a box that contains all necessary shipment materials – essentially, it’s a packaging kit that gives you a convenient and quick solution to your shipping needs. The package packs a lot of punch. The best part is that it doesn’t require a large amount of space – you’ll be able to package your products in a small area.

Customers who receive an item that has been packaged with the Omni-Pack(TM) won’t have to fuss with with the tape. It’s simple. There are ready-to-punch holes on the side of every box within the kit. Following simple instructions on the box, the customer needs only to pull the tab in the hole. No knife or box cutter? No problem. This solution makes the package highly accessible.

Have you ever tried to gift wrap something but ended up with a bizarre piece of art work? Believe it or not, Smart Karton offers a solution for your problem. In addition to the Omni-Pack(TM), look for Smart Karton’s in-house gift wrapping solutions. The Smart Karton gift wrapping station is a great way to achieve high-quality gift wrapping in a short amount of time.