Packaging solutions for fragile items

Shipping fragile items doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s true, fragile items like antiques and glassware are typically more susceptible to damage than most products. A priceless lamp needs to be packaged with care; that much is obvious. However, the solution to safely packing priceless and fragile merchandise isn’t always clear. Packing peanuts and crumpled-up newspaper isn’t going to provide a substantial means of protection. Smart Karton brings innovative ideas to the world of shipping and packaging – a packaging philosophy that ensures a product’s safety.

Smart Karton’s solution to shipping fragile items is in its unique box construction. Through employing effective packaging methods and intelligently designed boxes, Smart Karton has developed a range of packing solutions made to safely ship fragile items. Smart Karton’s unique packing methods are proven to work. Specially lined paper and box construction keeps merchandise safe. To put our technology to the test, we placed two champagne flutes and two ceramic mugs in a box. We then dropped the box onto a concrete floor from twenty feet. The results? All items in the package maintained their full integrity.

A lot of companies struggle to create practical solutions for shipping out fragile items. Items can often be destroyed in the process – a reality that can cause companies to lose their customers. Utilizing Smart Karton’s packaging technique for fragile items will guarantee the safety of your products.