Packaging solutions for electronics

Electronics can contain thousands of little pieces. More often than not, these components are fragile and susceptible to breakage. Electronics made with hard plastic are often dented in transit because of poor packing. Every electronic device has potential for damage someway. While some electronic devices may seem sturdy, it only takes a hard fall to permanently ruin the product. In addition to potentially damaging the item, electronics can cause damage. Take a laptop, for example, this is one of the most fragile electronic items to ship and Smart Karton has developed a package just for such a product. The Smart Karton product suspends the laptop within the box on a trampoline type film, thus if accidentally dropped no external shock is transferred back to the product.

Choosing the right packing method is key. For example, packing a box within a box is a good strategy. You’re creating a buffer between your product and the outside world. Surround the internal box with packing peanuts to provide cushion. The core concept here being, of course, protecting the product within several layers of packaging, limiting the amount of harm that can come about. As a result of the packaging, all impacts incurred throughout the shipment process will be less damaging.

Different electronics will need different packaging methods and Smart Karton has developed packaging for cell phones, e-readers as well as tablets and other fragile electronics. What works well for a particular laptop isn’t necessarily going to work for a large television and at Smart Karton we have all the answers you need. Consider the base theory of protecting your product and proceed logically. What’s the safest measure one can take when shipping this particular product? Contact Smart Karton now to find out.