A Breakdown on Shipping Auto Parts

The Smart Karton packaging range has a proven history within the automotive industry of streamlining the overall packaging process and saving significant costs.
Currently used by a number of the top automotive companies it has already established itself as the ‘go-to’ package for automotive parts as well as many other industries. Teamed with engineering and an analytical approach it saves costs.
It is used on items such as:

  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Grills
  • Wheels
  • Door handles
  • Trim

Packaging solutions for shipping auto parts
The Smart Karton packaging is designed primarily to eliminate the need for any type of extra void fill or corrugated inserts. It is manufactured from a strong corrugated base and then laminated with different materials, such as shrink film and corrugated. The product is then put into the laminated material which is folded around item. With shrink film, the package is passed through a Smart Karton supplied shrink tunnel which moulds the film around the product thus holding it all in place – nothing can move. When our cohesive paper liner is used this is simply folded around the product, again nothing can move. All Smart Karton packaging is tested to the highest shipping standards to gain and IST3A rating – damage is often completely eliminated. The process is quick and easy – thus dramatically reducing labor.

Due to it’s versatility Smart Karton can saves costs within the following areas;

  • Labor
  • Damages
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Transportation
  • Consolidation of box sizes
  • Returns